Mild soap and water will do to clean your new cabinetry. A solution of two drops of soap per gallon of water should be used. Be sure to immediately wipe with a clean, dry, cloth to remove any excess water left on the surface.

There are three types of wood care products: Silicones, waxes, and polishes. Polishes are the best choice for maintenance of the wood finish. They contain detergents to clean the dirt, and emulsifiers to give the polish body to clean and last longer. Make sure the polish does not contain any waxes or silicone!

While silicone based cleaners offer a high degree of shine, the silicone seeps into even the highest quality finishes, creating a barrier that will not accept stain or finish. This makes it virtually impossible to refinish or touch up when it may be required. Waxes should be avoided because their regular use may result in buildup of a wax and film on the cabinet surface. This buildup can attract dirt, smoke and other pollutants in the air resulting in smudges and streaks.

Be cautious of your woodwork and “wet areas”. These areas include: Vanities, kitchen sinks, whirlpool tubs, dishwashers, etc. Keeping these areas dry ensures the longest life of your new cabinets.


All woodwork should be dusted or vacuumed periodically. Always dust with a polish-moistened damp cloth, and dry dusting may scratch the surface. Follow the grain of the wood when dusting. Wiping across the grain could cause scratches to appear if the dust contains grit.

Drawer Care

The drawers and guides in your new cabinetry were installed and adjusted to provide smooth and precise performance; however, overtime screws can loosen and affect the performance and function of your drawers.

Care should be taken to periodically check the tightness of all screws in your drawer guides. Doing this will ensure the longest life possible for your drawers. Also, failure to do this maintenance could result in damage to the drawer and/or guide which would not be covered by any Tischler Wood Products, Inc. Warranty.

Wood Tops 

Care for your wood countertops is the same as the care for your other wood surfaces. Keep counters dry and wipe up any spills immediately. Do not slide items across the surface. Make sure plants are in pots that will not seep water onto the wood, and take care that leaves do not touch the wood. Use coasters under glasses, and hot pads under pots and pans.

Remember that all wood naturally darkens with age. Setting a lamp or other item on a wood top that is exposed to sunlight may leave a “ghost” mark when the item is removed. This is especially important to remember with cherry wood as it darkens rapidly for the first few years.


Long shelves in your cabinets that hold large amounts of weight may bow slightly. Should this occur simply flip the shelf over occasionally. This is unlikely to happen with shelves under 36” long.

Dimensional Changes

Since wood is a naturally porous material, it will absorb and release moisture, causing unavoidable swelling and shrinking. This can result in minor warping.  It may also cause your door panels to shrink slightly; therefore, exposing unstained wood on the outer edges.

These dimensional changes are often related to changing seasons and may reverse themselves as seasons change again. This process can be minimized by regulating the humidity in your home. Using a humidifier during the dry winter months and a dehumidifier during the humid summer months will help to lessen these changes.

Decorative Hardware Care 

With proper care, the hardware on your new cabinetry will last for years. Special attention needs to be taken to keep hardware clean and dry. Wiping up grease and other residue as it happens is essential.

Keeping hardware screws tight and secure is also essential for the longest life possible. In the winter, with the low humidity, your cabinet doors and drawer fronts shrink slightly and the screws may become loose. If this occurs you simply need to retighten them.

Surface Damage 

Nicks, scratches and other damage to the finish on your cabinets should only be repaired by a qualified representative of Tischler Wood Products, Inc. Work performed outside of these parameters will void any warranty.


Enjoy your new cabinetry, and thank you for your business!